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From Shelf to Sales: Unlocking Growth Potential with Digital Shelf+

Deloitte’s research underscores the profound influence of online presence on total sales, with nearly half of all in-store purchases being shaped by digital interactions. For brands committed to enhancing the digital shopping experience and maximizing sales, Digital Shelf technology emerges as a game-changer. Leveraging diverse data streams enables brands to deeply comprehend consumer experience, thereby […]

Understanding the Derma Skincare Market Share in Southeast Asia

The combined skincare market on Shopee and Lazada in South East Asia has increased to a staggering 1.2 billion USD in 2023H1, boasting an impressive annual growth rate of 15%. Our team found that derma skincare, which contributes 12.4% of the overall skincare category value has been on an upward trajectory, outshining the skincare category’s […]

Unlocking success in Southeast Asia’s Mobile-First Landscape: Understanding Web vs App dynamics on Shopee and Lazada

According to Insider Intelligence, smartphone users in Southeast Asia will grow 4.0% YoY to 342.1 million in 2023, with penetration reaching 88.9% among internet users. Interestingly, according to data pulled by Intrepid, in Southeast Asia alone, over 90%  of marketplace traffic and purchases come from mobile users. As customers increasingly gravitate towards the convenience and […]