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Understanding the Derma Skincare Market Share in Southeast Asia

The combined skincare market on Shopee and Lazada in South East Asia has increased to a staggering 1.2 billion USD in 2023H1, boasting an impressive annual growth rate of 15%.

Our team found that derma skincare, which contributes 12.4% of the overall skincare category value has been on an upward trajectory, outshining the skincare category’s growth with a remarkable 67% increment in 2023H1 compared to last year’s H1 performance. *

MarketsDerma % of Total Skincare Market H1 2023
H1 2023 Derma Skincare Market Size on Lazada and Shopee
Top 5 Derma Skincare Brands in Southeast Asia by Market Share on Shopee and Lazada

Curious to understand which derma skincare brands are the front-runners in the derma category in each country?

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* Our market share insights are obtained through our proprietary data collection engine, which provides highly accurate market share data of SEA’s leading marketplaces