From Shelf to Sales: Unlocking Growth Potential with Digital Shelf+

Deloitte’s research underscores the profound influence of online presence on total sales, with nearly half of all in-store purchases being shaped by digital interactions. For brands committed to enhancing the digital shopping experience and maximizing sales, Digital Shelf technology emerges as a game-changer. Leveraging diverse data streams enables brands to deeply comprehend consumer experience, thereby empowering them to optimize revenue generation strategies.

Without the insights provided by Digital Shelf analytics, brands run the risk of overlooking crucial factors that impact consumer shopping experiences and conversion rates. By integrating these insights into their marketplace strategies, there is substantial potential and value set to be unlocked. Here’s how:

Optimized search rankings lead to improved sales performance

Securing top positions in product search rankings can lead to a sales performance boost of 20-70%

Online shoppers are naturally drawn to products featured prominently at the top of search results. By ensuring that their products rank high in search placements, brands increase their visibility to consumers, thereby enhancing the likelihood of consideration and conversion compared to less visible products.

The solution: Measure brand’s Share of Search for paid and unpaid channels across relevant keywords to identify opportunities to boost traffic and increase sales.

Leveraging Digital Shelf+, brands can track their products’ rankings in search listings compared to competitors, analyze effective keyword usage, and optimize product listings by integrating the most relevant keywords identified.

Boosting sales performance via product availability 

For every day a product remains out of stock, there’s a 22% loss in weekly sales. 

This loss stems not only from missed daily sales opportunities but also from penalties in visibility metrics, like share of search, due to prolonged stock unavailability. Failing to promptly address these issues due to insufficient insights into core item availability can lead to customer frustration and abandoned purchases.

The solution: Ensuring availability of key SKUs via comprehensive in-stock visibility across SKUs, resellers, competitors across multiple retailers and markets. 

Using Digital Shelf+, brands can closely track fluctuations in product availability. The alert feature promptly notifies of any out-of-stock (OOS) issues, enabling informed strategic adjustments to be made promptly.

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