Intrepid Update

Over the last few years, Intrepid has gone from strength to strength. We have
achieved industry-leading growth and steady improvements in our efficiency and
profitability, while continuing to build strong capabilities in Marketing Solutions, Retail
Management and Analytics, Live Commerce and AI. 
These investments in our capabilities and tech have resulted in service standards
that helped many of our brands outperform the market, and in Intrepid being
recognized with multiple “best SEA enabler” awards, a fantastic endorsement of our
quality and recognition for which we are grateful! Equally important, we have brought
even more rigor and discipline to our financial and management processes as part of
a publicly listed U.K. group, which have made us best-in-class in terms of how the
company is run. In short, we could not be happier with where we are today.
With Flywheel becoming part of Omnicom, we believe Intrepid’s best path for the
future is as an independent business. As a result, we have recently acquired a
majority ownership in Intrepid, with strong support from our investors. Flywheel
continues to own a minority stake.
We will be Flywheel’s exclusive partner in South East Asia and will continue to
collaborate closely, retaining many of the benefits of being part of the Flywheel
family. However, this new ownership structure will allow Intrepid to pursue the
strategy and future growth opportunities that we believe are crucial to win in SEA,
and provide our brands with the services and capabilities that they need to win..
There will be no changes to the team, the business, the scope of services or how we
work with our clients or partners as a consequence of this change.
We continue on our path to be the leading enabler across SEA. Exciting times

Intrepid management

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