Technology Show Featuring Intrepid Group Asia

Intrepid Group Asia, started in Vietnam in 2017, is a leading Southeast Asia’s top, one-stop-shop partner for brands to seize the full potential of ecommerce, offering services across three business areas such as Omni-Channel End-to-End Ecommerce Management, Digital Marketing, and Insights & Analytics, all enabled by advanced inhouse technology. 

The company has a presence across six countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, and is supported by a strong team with proven experience in the ecommerce industry.

In the interview, Jasper Knoben, CEO of Intrepid Group Asia, speaks about how ecommerce enablers will progress moving forward in supporting brands and businesses alike entering 2022 and meeting a new set of challenges. He also talks about:

  • Intrepid Group Asia’s core services
  • The key partners and stakeholders
  • How the platform works
  • The value proposition to their customers
  • How the 2021 ecommerce landscape in Southeast Asia compares to other geographies
  • Some of the key trends and growth potential in ecommerce in the next two to three years
  • The recent Series B funding round of USD11 million
  • The company’s key objectives for 2022
  • Key lessons learnt from growing the company since 2017