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Our Capabilities – We are APAC’s Crawling & Data Technology Leader


Data science,
engineering & analytics and tech experts


covered in APAC




Brands worldwide trust
our solutions &

Solution & Technology Powered by

Our Capabilities – We are APAC’s Crawling & Data Technology Leader


Data science,
engineering & analyst and tech experts


covered in APAC




Brands worldwide trust
our solutions &

Solution & Technology Powered by

Market Share / Category Sales & Share Tracking

Are you keen on understanding your brand share within your key categories?

How can we help you grow
your brand share?

  • Understand your brand vs. your competitors
  • Prioritize your channels effectively
  • Identify future trends & growth opportunities

What do we track?

  • Category value and growth
  • Sub-categories & price segments
  • % Brand share of category
  • Sales revenue & items sold
  • Best-selling stores & products


Why Work with Us?

As APAC’s leading online market share insights provider, we provide unmatched industry expertise and extensive coverage in delivering highly accurate data and insights from across SEA’s key marketplaces and multiple categories. Committed to helping your brand stay ahead of the curve, we continuously invest in advancing our technology to deliver only the best.

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Our Coverage

South East Asia


APAC Digital Shelf+: Next-Gen Digital Shelf for all the
insights you need to achieve operational excellence

Are there opportunities to optimize your Digital Shelf?

Achieve operational excellence: monitor, act, and optimize your digital shelf
across retailers and markets. Identify the highest priority actions to optimize.

From search and content to availability rates and ratings & reviews –
your online presence & performance determines your online sales.

What do we track?


Track your own and competitor availability to
mitigate lost sales and eliminate persistent issues.

Share of Search

Identify opportunities to grow your share of voice.
Determine which search words you expect to be
visible but are not.


Measure the consistency and compliance of your
product page content to your content rules.

Ratings & Reviews

Gain insights into what consumers are saying
about your products through our review captures.

Price & Promo

Understand your pricing across online channels,
protect pricing policy and drive sales.

We cover all major Digital Commerce platforms in Asia Pacific

Key Competitor Tracker:
Keep Track of Your Key Competitors’
Performance & Tactics

Track your brand’s official store performance against key commercial and
operational metrics of your key competitors on SEA’s leading marketplaces.

How can we help you
stay ahead?

  • Benchmark your official store’s
    commercial performance vs.
    its competitors’
  • Understand what sells by tracking your competitors’ best selling products, promo and pricing tactics


What do we track?



Track your

competitors’ official
store commercial

Store Operations


 Benchmark key
ops metrics of
your store vs.
your competitors’.

Pricing & Promo


Understand your
competitor’s pricing
and discounting
tactics & use of

We cover Official Stores and Brand Distributor Stores

on Southeast Asia’s Key Marketplaces

South East Asia

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Our Custom Solutions

Access deeper insights into specific topics with our bespoke insights solutions

High Frequency (net) Price & Promo Tracking

Monitor pricing and promo activity of your
competitors’ products and benchmark
against yours.

Market and Category Sizing

Our historical datasets enable better understanding of ecommerce category sizes and growth rates to drive decision-making.

Data Collection Services

Our crawling technology collects and aggregates your data from seller centers of leading SEA ecommerce marketplaces.

Reviews Sentiment Analysis

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) models derive insights from thousands of product reviews unlocking next growth drivers.

Alternative Data

Leverage our accurate datasets to understand marketplace growth rates and other key metrics to make better investment decisions.

Other Solutions

Please get in touch with us to discuss your

We are Trusted by APAC’s Leading Brands

How our Solutions Help our Clients

Digital Shelf : Availability

We helped one of our global customers, a household name soft drink brand, identify significant availability issues (60% nationally) in one of their biggest markets.

With data and consultancy, we supported a cross-functional team to identify, prioritise, and resolve issues. Within 3 months ensure 90% availability across country

Search Success Story

We worked with a confectionery industry manufacturer to help drive product positioning against key terms in a particular retailer.

By using our products, they were able to take actions that directly drove their product positioning. A shift from 20th to 10th position for a specific category driving term contributed directly to a 65% sales increase in a product.

Content & Conversion

Our Insights team worked with a leading manufacturer to test the correlation between key content metrics and sales uplift.

The study revealed reviews to be one of the most influential factors in increasing their sales.Adding an additional 10 reviews resulted in a 43% increase in sales

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